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Dieting sucks!

Eliminate fat in one treatment with Smartlipo Ultra

You´ve tired dieting. You´ve tried exercise. But parts of your body have simply
refused to tone up. Now you can change all that SmartlipoTM Ultra Laser Body Sculpting is a revolutionary, minimally invasive treatment that does something no fitness routine in the world can: permenantly destroy fat cells. Since you have only a finite amount of these, no new fat cells come back? and you can finally have that body you´ve always wanted."

  • Smartlipo™ Ultra delivers significantly better results than orignal Smartlipo
  • Enjoy short recovery - no downtime, back to work next day.
  • Minimal discomfort with local anesthetic.
  • Safe and affordable Smartlipo™ Ultra deliver permanent results.
  • Tightens skin around treatment area, leaving a more youthful apperance.


Outpatient Procedure. In-Patient Results.

Unlike traditional outdated surgical, liposuction techiques, the doctors at Soluna MD use the most advanced form of ultrasound and laser technology to permanently remove excess fat cells and sculpt your body. We never use General Anesthesia either! We have the expertise to perform the entire procedure under local anehtesia resulting in a more comfortable, relaxed procedure with minimal downtime. read more about Smart Lipo and other cosmetic surgery procedures performed at Soluna MD Miami..

The use of local anesthesia enables our doctors to perform a more thorough and effective procedure too. The patient is comfortable yet able to provide the doctor with important feedback on sensation and warmth in the treatment areas. This allows for removal of significantly more fat than with other techniques. Learn more about how the SmartLipo Ultra works.